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Prenatal massage is a great way for expectant mothers to relax and relieve all of the aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is highly safe and beneficial if it is done correctly. As a precaution, we encourage you to talk with your doctor if you have high risk factors.



Prenatal Massage prenatal

• Back pain

• Sciatic pain

• Leg/muscle cramps

• Edema and swelling

• Sacral and joint pain

• Stretch marks

"I have been receiving bi-monthly medical therapeutic massages here for over 5 years. Due to back issues, I have tried many places for massages before finding Advanced Therapeutic Massage. Now, I won't go anywhere else. Their technique is deep muscle massage that gives me so much relief. It's a hidden gem in our area."

- Marica S.

You will find that we offer a prenatal bolster. We often just use pillows and are able to help you stay comfortable during your massage. Most pregnancy massages are done while you lay on your side, but we can put you on your stomach with pillows above and below your belly as well.

Some of the relief areas:

Highly beneficial massage

When you receive your massage, you will notice reduced areas of discomfort that are commonly associated with pregnancy. You will also notice reduced swelling, increase of range in motion and increased circulation. Receive the pampering you and your baby deserve!

Reduce discomfort levels