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When you come in to see us, your therapist will take a history of your problems and go over your problem areas so that we know best how to treat you. You will go over your goals for the massage and find a treatment plan that will meet your needs successfully.

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Everyone handles pressure differently, so what is deep to one person may be light to someone else, so let us know what you prefer. After the massage, we will discuss the best plan of treatment and give some suggestions of self-help techniques.

"I went to Laura at Advanced Therapeutic Massage struggling with tension headaches. Laura found and relieved the problem areas in my back that were causing my headaches, and gave me some tips and stretches to help prevent the problem in the future. Since going to Advanced Therapeutic Massage, my headaches have decreased greatly! I highly recommend Advanced Therapeutic Massage! " -Bruce P.

Each treatment that you receive is unique to your needs. All services are for 60 minutes, where most massage centers only give you 50 minutes of hands-on time. We encourage any feedback during this time to let us know how we can better help you.



Self-help techniques

Unique to your needs

If you receive deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy, you might feel sore or have some light bruising after a massage which is common. Drink lots of water and flush the toxins out of your system to reduce some of the soreness after a massage.

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